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10th Annual Day

Welcome to Zep

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Welcome to Zep

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Welcome to Zep

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My ability is stronger than my disability

Stories of change

Most of our equipment tracks results as they happen, so your child can gain the confidence that comes from seeing his or her performance improve over time. Learn more about our Success Builds Success approach.

Expert Teachers

At Zep our teachers have academic qualification as special educator. We have speech, vision therapist. We also have regular visiting specialist for different therapies. We take continuous efforts to increase knowledge base of our teachers through workshops.


Zep institute provides all required facilities under ONE ROOF to these special children as they grow. We have infrastructure to provide different therapies and vocational training. We plan to incorporate computer education for special children.

About zep

ZEP is a non-profit Rehabilitation Centre working for special children running with Mental Retardation, Developmental delays, Genetic disorders, Down syndrome, Autism, Cerebral Palsy and Pervasive developmental disorders such as Hyperactivity, Learning disability & Attention deficit. Since there was no special school for these special children in Pimpri-Chinchwad area, to provide these children and their family sufficiency, education and treatment under one roof, ZEP started working in the field of awareness and offers support to parents. Together we can help and empower your child. Your child will empower himself through our work. Your family will come together as a team to strive for balance and academic success.

Rehabilation Process

  • Special child admitted to the center.
  • Evaluation and IEP (individual Education Programme) by Zep team.
  • Regular Medical check-up
  • Periodic evalution of child's progress by ZEP team
  • Ongoing workshops,seminar and traning for parents, children and trainers.
  • Outdoor training and excursion.
  • Performing art traning.

Upcoming events

Sankranti Celebration at Zep Rehabilitation Center

Sankranti celebration

Zep will be celebrating Makarsankranti on 14th January 2019. There will be kite making & flying activity for students. Also there will be Haldi-Kumkum program as part of parents interaction activity.

Night camp at Zep Rehabilitation Center

Night camp

Night camp at Zep is organized on 12th January 2019. Night camp helps to build confidence to our children and parents that life can be managed away from home. Every quarter We are arranging it successfully


Summer camp

Every year summer camp is organized. Summer camps are arranged for the special children in & around Pimpri-Chinchwad area in the month of May, creative activities, fun activities, puppet shows are arranged. Through these camps children learn to be independent with their daily activities.


Computer education

Starting with academic year 2017-2018 we are introducing computers. We have basic courses for introduction to word applications. We are also teaching special children with the use of computers using Picture Exchange and Communication Language.


Play Ground session

At Zep we started ground therapy for special children's physical fitness. There is tendency of weight gain in most of special children. Regular physical exercise helps them to control excessive weight gain and to do their day to day activities in better way. Zep's ground therapy includes yoga & different sports like badminton, basketball, football, cricket etc.


Therapies play very important role on improvement of special children. We conduct following therapies for our students as well as other special children.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy is "skilled treatment" that helps individuals to achieve independence on all facts of their lives. Occupational therapy assists people in developing the "skills for the job of living" necessary for independent & satisfying lives.

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Physio Therapy

As the word "physio" suggests it is concerned with physical activities. This therapy helps to achieve Gross motor mile stones. It provides assistance (AFO's, walkers, calipers etc) for required gross motor mile stones. For fine motor development, we have lots of games & activities.

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Behavior Therapy

Behavior therapy includes behavior analysis, behavior assessments and behavior remedies, counseling sessions, all this will help to improve behavior patterns of child. This therapy is emerging with new techniques. We are putting efforts to acquire these new techniques.

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Speech Therapy

A speech & language therapist at Zep helps to develop better control of the jaw & mouth muscles which can improve speech and language skills of special children. They help to develop creative communication methods pointing gestures, site reading, and communication board for those who cannot speak. The therapy makes a dramatic difference in the life of autistic and C P teens.

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Vision Therapy

Vision therapy, also known as vision training, is used to improve vision skills such as eye movement control and eye coordination. It involves a series of procedures carried out in both home and school settings, usually under professional supervision. Vision therapy can be prescribed when a comprehensive eye examination indicates that it is an appropriate treatment option for the students.

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Ground Therapy

At Zep we started with ground therapy for special children's physical fitness. Regular physical exercise helps these children to control excessive weight gain and to do their day to day activities in better way. Ground therapy helps to channelize ASD children's energy in proper way. These children can learn coordination activities in ground.

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Thank you to Netra madam and her team. I have no words to express about the efforts taken by school. I can see the positive development in my son only because of Zep Rehabilitation Centre. Now I am very hopeful about Sushrut.

Sushrut's Mother

Zep is helping Armaan to speak sentences so that he can express himself Zep is also helping Armaan to socialize in better way by teaching about sharing n caring of other children. Now he is willing to share his tiffin and wish to help other children


Armaan's Parent

Our experience with teaching methods at Zep has flourished many hopes for Darpan's future.


Darpan's testimonial

Our initial goal in case of Gauri was independent in ADL and we are proud to say that itís been achieved in 6-8 months. Now Gauri sits quietly, eats her tiffin, and follows all commands. She does all activities of focusing, fine motor, yoga etc.

Gauri's Mother